5.5.2010 01:00 announce competition at Million Marihuana March 2010! In this year has tournament some important changes. Criterions will be easly to measured and winers will be rewarded straight on main stage at Parukářka park.
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Recyklation and separation on MMM

4.5.2010 08:11
Recyklation and separation on MMMIn this year we invite company Bioplaneta for first time on MMM . Which take care of supplies for all stalls, cleening and recyklation of used wrappings.Most of wrappings on MMM will be made from biologically decomposable plastic. Everything will be advanced and buying up on three positions, which you will found on individual stages. For every single wrapping (bowl,plate,cup) you will get 2 krowns like returnable advance. This system comply almost all of standards of constantly sustainable resources. We served our planet and life on it.
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Program for Kids - Baby stage

4.5.2010 07:10
Program for Kids -  Baby stageDon´t let your kids at home not only adults can have fun. Bejby stage thats are games,competitions and fun for bigger and smaller. Childrens bar (limonade, tea ..soft drings only) rest zone for youngests, blankets, toys and much more...
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Million Marijuana March 2010

3.5.2010 10:10
Million Marijuana March 2010The 13th annual demonstration for legalization of cannabis will start on 8th May at 1pm on Karlovo náměstí (Carles square) in Prague, from where will the cannabis exponents march across Václavské náměstí (Vaclav´s square) and Vinohrady to the Parukářka park. Peaceful happening takes place in the kontext of international action Global Marihuana March, which is actually running in 300 big cities around the world. In Czech Republic is this action also presented as a all-day music festival.
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